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The Pointer is bred primarily for sport afield: he should look and act the part. The ideal Pointer gives the immediate impression of compact power and adgile grace. The head is noble, proudly carried. The expression intelligent and alert. The muscular body saying power and dash.This is a dog whose every movement shows him to be a wide - awake , hard driving hunting dog possessing stamina, courage and the disire to go.

The Pointers even temperment and alert good sense make him a Great companion both in the field and in the home.He should be dignified and never show timidness toward man or dog.

Pointers come in 4 colors. Liver,lemon, black, orange: either with white or solid-colored. The standard says" A good Pointer cannot be a bad color" In the darker colors the nose should be black or brown. In the lighter shades it may be lighter of flesh colored.

The Pointer should be balanced. Balance and over-all symmetry are more important in the Pointer than size.Because a sporting dog must have both endurance and power, great variations in size are undersible.


Dogs: Height- 25-28 inches at the shoulders. Weight- 55-75 pounds

Bitches: Height- 23-26 inches at the shoulders. Weight- 45-65 pounds